Goals of Danketsu

There are four main goals of Danketsu. But first, I want to generally speak about this project’s base and where I hope for it to go.

Here in Kurashiki, I have gravitated towards sports teams, whether it’s at Notre Dame Seishin, Kibi Kokusai or even the greater football community. I’ve been extremely lucky to be welcomed.

Danketsu started off as a dream, something I didn’t think I would be able to begin until after graduate school. My dream was to create an international community for student athletes to exchange not only workouts, tips, and film, but to exchange cultural difference while exposing each other to a different way of life. Below you will find goals of Danketsu, how they will be carried out and the importance of a program like this.

List of Goals:

  • Create a cultural exchange for student athletes
  • Connect schools and universities with the common goal of developing productive global citizens.
  • Pique the international interests of students athletes, in both America and Japan.
  • Document a sport in Japan that doesn’t often get attention (American Football).


  • Students will be paired with a partner in America or Japan, who participates in the same sport.
  • Students will be tasked with getting to know their counterpart, using simple questions to get to know each other. However, questions will be provided if students get stuck.
  • Coaches and team managers will be encouraged to provide game film, workouts, drills, or anything utilized to develop athletes.
  • The creation of a 10-15 minute video to document football and sports in Japan, and the work that goes into various sports.


The mission of Danketsu, as stated on the “About” page, is to provide a virtual in-depth cultural exchange through sports while connecting institutions with the common goal of growing global citizens.

The world is getting smaller, we now have the ability to communicate with our neighbors in ways that wouldn’t have been possible even 50 years ago. I believe that we should take advantage of this and reach out to our neighbors, to learn about a different culture.

But why through sports?

My love of sports is deep, to read reasons why check out my first blog post here. It explains why sports matter, and the power they have to change lives. But why choose sports as a medium for cultural exchange? The answer is simple, every four years the world comes together to celebrate the Olympics (which will be in Japan in 2020), we see world records being broken, and sportsmanship that wouldn’t happen anywhere else. Sports are something that we can all bond over and get to know each other through. For more check out my “Why Sports” post!

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